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The threshold night.

The transition from December 20th to December 21st

- in the daily quality of December 21st.


It begins.

The actually first so-called “odd” Rauhnacht, also known to most people from the date of the annual winter solstice.

Many different rituals in our current time are already celebrated on this day. To cleanse body, mind & soul in this way. And other customs are related to this date, such as taking inventories or celebrating the return of sunlight.

And so this day - but also the night before - is clearly marked by the purification of the old, the conscious flashback and the recognition that from this night on all our days will be brighter again.

After the 21.12. assumes this special threshold function, it is such an important date for us humans to make it clear to us that the journey to us and inner order can begin from today.

Abschluss & Ausklang
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Your ritual for the night of the threshold.



"Today write everything on a piece of paper that you want to say goodbye, delete, sort and clean up.

And according to your personal  Reflection - then burn this piece of paper. "

(More on this also. Again in the video above ...)

  • Who or what put a lot of strain on you in 2020, pulled your nerves and maybe also created unsightly situations that were not in the harmonious flow of life?

  • In which areas of your life did you feel misunderstood and not "seen"?

  • What is up to now from the year 2020 (and also before) so far unspoken and therefore uncomfortable in your life?

  • And where do you still need healing & cleansing?


Deine neue Welt in 2024.

It is very important that for the next three days - by December 23rd at the latest and before the first Rauhnacht on December 25th - you reflect on and, if possible, deal with all the important things and topics that concern and burden you in the bad. Create new space for your future!

The same applies to your way of life INSIDE & OUT. Here, too, it is about the days to (d) a cleanup and a healing conclusion as preparation for the then coming, beautiful 12 days & nights with their further rituals and energies for you.

In retrospect of this ending year 2020, purify, heal, sort & organize your mind and body. Then tune into the returning light and the holiness of the rough nights from December 24th. Use the threshold night with its very special energies and vibrations for personal transformation for this new world in the future, in order to come to terms with yourself.

Experience the next 3-4 days more clarity as a foundation to clear up your own past in your presence & time for you, so that you can create the basis for your bright & loving future!

I like to go too. Inside yourself for a few minutes or longer (e.g. sitting in front of your rough evening candle or in the nature surrounding you) and reflect on the four questions about the night of the threshold. Confess to letting go, giving up and accepting the divine and mystical guidance for you and your life, beginning with the then first Rauhnacht from December 24th to 25th.

More impulses for you.

Here you have more and  general recommendations as well as impulses on how you can best organize and perceive the nights and days for yourself. Feel free to  Select  what is good for you and what is right for you.

For this day you have specially created sounds that support the day's energy. Special frequencies were used for this and you can listen to them here and use them for today:

Abschluss & Aus-KlängeGregor Becker
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If you want to buy these sounds, click HERE .

If you can, try to incorporate these things into your daily routine:

  • Get up in the morning between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., drink a glass of warm water, wash the toilet and wash / shower your body - afterwards meditation, fitness, walking and between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. a light breakfast. From 9 a.m. you can start your personal ritual ...

You can celebrate these words for yourself when you get up or while you are in the shower:

"I ask my higher self,

me from the severity of the  last night

and to wash away what has been experienced .

Me too spiritually, energetically and up

to detach all vibrational frequencies,

with it my soul, but also my body

cleaned  can be.

Purified from the experience

to me in the past  happened

to prepare myself

on these wonderful ones to me

upcoming day.

So that I can immerse myself

into the spheres and energies of the day,

between space & time

in which I move with body, mind and soul,

to prepare myself for the after  coming night

to return to it with new strength and joy

to be allowed to immerse.

So I am here & now completely free again,

and all my deeds are done with purity,

unintentionally and in unconditional love,


the people,

the animals

and the  Towards nature. "

Another recommendation; try to be in bed between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the latest in order to get into the deep sleep phase, which is scientifically proven only "before" midnight. In this phase alone, your cell renewal and rejuvenation of your body take place. After that, unfortunately, not anymore.

We wish you a perfect day for the last Rauhnacht here today.

Tom & Katharina




Wir danken dir von Herzen, dass du dir diese besondere Zeit in den Rauhnächten für dich genommen hast und jeden Tag mehr in dich und dein Wesen damit eintauchen kannst.

Sei beschützt, behütet, getragen und geliebt.

Sei das Licht für die anderen, da du dich mehr & mehr selbst entdeckt hast.

Trage dein Leuchten hinaus in die Welt und erwärme die Herzen aller Lebewesen.

Und vor allem: Sei du selbst!

Dein Tom & Sarah Li

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